Thursday, March 26, 2009

Facebook Party AKA Girls Night Out

Admit it! Most of us have one picture that we like of ourselves and it's been our facebook profile picture for the last year. Well, here's your chance to get a new one that you'll love for the next year!

But it's not just about the profile picture! We're turning this into a Girls' Night Out! We'll have ladies here doing hair, makeup, paraffin dips, and neck messages. And we'll have ladies selling purses, jewelry and bras! We'll also have some food and refreshments! What more could a girl ask for??

And the best part is.... you get your new facebook look for only $15. All the money we collect during this Girls Night Out will go towards our 2009 Focused on a Cure Breast Cancer Survivor Campaign! This is a wonderful cause and we hope you'll help us support something we're passionate about.

Here are a few FAQs we've received so far...

Can I bring my kids or my husband with me?
Sure you can! If you want them in your profile picture, bring them!

Do I need an appointment?
Nope! You can drop in whatever time is best for you between 5 and 8pm on Friday. Don't wait too late though. You don't want to miss out on the complimentary hairdo, nail treatment, make up and neck massage!

Hope to see you there!

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