Thursday, May 21, 2009

Relay For Life 2009

IP participated in the Relay for Life in Cabarrus County a couple weeks ago. As of March 8th, the day of the Relay, Cabarrus County had raised about $88,000. The goal for the event was $100,000. Throughout the night, they hosted different fundraising events, such as raffling gift baskets, a Mr. Relay pageant (where the guys collect as many donations as they can and the winner wins the title of Mr. Relay), and each team could host their own fundraiser at their tents. On the evening of the Relay, Cabarrus County collect $35,000 to add to the original donations... in one night!

IP had a tent at the Relay, where we showcased our 2008 Focused on a Cure survivor exhibit. We were able to talk to alot of other survivors and even recruit a few for our 2009 exhibit. Although all these survivors are fighting the same disease, every story has a unique trait that we want to share.

We're so excited about our 2009 exhibit and we have HUGE plans for this year's campaign. At this point, we can tell you to mark your calendar for Friday, August 28th! Other details will come soon!

Here's some candids from our Relay experience. Enjoy!

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