Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank You

Last week, we had the honor of photographing Jackie Linker. She is one of our survivors for our 2009 Focused on a Cure. A few days later, we received a heartfelt card from Jackie's daughter, Meredith. With her permission, we wanted to share it with you.


I wanted to say "thank you" for including my mom (and aunt) in your breast cancer photo gallery. They had an incredible time yesterday. We as a family don't take many pictures but they said that they felt like little kids having their pictures made. Thank you to you and your staff for making them feel so special. You have a big heart and are very talented. This wonderful combination are sure to shine through with the creation of "Focused on a Cure." I can't wait to see the final gallery and hear all of the new stories at the Fashion Benefit this year. God bless you and your staff for all of your great works!

Meredith Valentine

Here are a few of our favorites from Jackie's session....

Thank you, Jackie, for being a part of Focused on a Cure.

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