Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Focused on a Cure: IP's Cutest Kid Contest

Irresistible Portraits hosted their first IP's Cutest Kid Contest in April! They had two days of drop in FREE sessions in mid April, then invited the parents back in to pick their favorite which would be uploaded to the online voting contest. IP had 30+ families show up during those two days.

From April 21st to April 28th, the children and families were supposed to promote voting as much as they could and see how many votes they could earn. One vote equalled one dollar. IP set their goal at $10,000 in votes!

During the week, the parents shared their creative fundraising ideas with us - from lemonade stands and yard sales to auctioning off their relatives for dates!! Needless to say, IP met their goal and a little more! The grand total on the evening of April 28th was $10,175 for Focused on a Cure!!

The following are winners...

Jackson Parsons - IP's Cutest Baby

Katie Westmoreland - IP's Cutest Tot

Caroline Jeter - IP's Cutest Tween

Bryana Hott - IP's Cutest Pre-Teen

Jackson Parsons raised the most money totaling to $1303, therefore he is IP's Cutest Kid for 2010! Check out this image with his collection bucket that him and his sister carried while walking the neighborhood collecting from door to door!

We asked Lauren (Jackson's mom) to share her fundraising story with us...

The Focused on a Cure foundation hits home for our family being that Jackson's Nana is a 15 year breast cancer survivor. So when IP's Cutest Kid Contest came across my facebook events with all proceeds going to FOC, we were determined to raise as much money as we could. Who knew dressing a little boy in pink and sending him door to door could raise so much money. We set our goal at $1,000 and started raising money.

With the help of his big sister McKinlee, Jackson raised over $100 in our neighborhood asking people to donate money for "breath cancer." People were melting in their hands as they stood there with their bucket and sign. We also set up buckets at his pre-school, consigned clothes, sold our couch, took a class field trip to the fire station, raffled a Mary Kay basket, and asked just about everyone that walked past us.

Friends and family all over the US sent donations through the mail and online. It was amazing to see how supportive everyone we spoke with was. We are very grateful to have such wonderful family and friends. I am so proud of Jackson for being such a good sport, wearing so much pink, and being so excited everytime someone else gave him money. I am also thankful that this contest allowed me to teach my children about donating and giving back.

Thanks you to the IP family for starting this foundation and thank you to our wonderful family, friends, and everyone that helped us exceed our goal and raise $1,303 for Focused on a Cure.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

God Bless,
Lauren Dorsey Parsons

Check out some images from Jackson's Cutest Kid session on IP's facebook fan page -

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