Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Divina Cook

Last week, we had the honor of photographing Divina Cook, a breast cancer survivor. She was full of positive energy and has such a great outlook on her situation.

Divina said she always knew she was strong, but never realized how strong until she was diagnosed with cancer. "I have not shed a tear and I found myself handling the news with humor. With each misadventure, I'd turn to my husband, laugh and say, 'And the laughs just keep coming.'"

When Divina's hair started to come out by the hand full, her daughter had a party while she shaved her mother's head. "First she shaved down the middle and said I looked like the comic Gallagher. We did comb overs like balding men. We laughed so much I was peeing my pants."
Divina brought all her wigs with her to the portrait session. So... we had some fun!

Thank you, Divina, for sharing your story. Your positive outlook brightens the room! Thanks for letting us goof around too! We had a great time!

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