Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hopes for 2009

We were impressed with how well our first year of Focused on a Cure went. We never imagined that our exhibit would travel to different locations for 15 weeks! We had a total of seven survivors and we made an incredible bond with each of them. 

But we've raised our goals. We hope for MORE in 2009! We're looking for 15 new survivors - of all ages and races! And this year, we hope to have a opening event to unveil the exhibit.

Now we need your help! If you're a survivor or know a survivor, tell them about Focused on a Cure. Direct them to our website and blog. Tell them to call us or email us at 

It's therapeutic to talk about what you've been through and to tell your story. And why not inspire someone else? Telling how you made it through your battle with breast cancer can give hope to someone currently going through the same battle.

We look forward to hearing from you and spreading more awareness!

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